Flavors, Fillings and Frostings

Special flavors not listed are available upon request for an additional cost.
Almond WhiteBavarian CreamButtercream
Chunky Carrot (includes pecans, raisins, pineapple, coconut and extra carrot)ButtercreamChocolate Buttercream
Dark Chocolate FudgeChocolate ButtercreamChocolate Ganache’
French VanillaChocolate Ganache’Fondant (Chocolate) – tastes like tootsie roll
German ChocolateCinnamon ButtercreamFondant (Vanilla) – tastes like marshmallow
Italian Cream (with pecans and coconut)Cookies-n-CreamGerman Chocolate
LemonCream Cheese Buttercream
Marble (French Vanilla / Milk Chocolate)Fresh Raspberries
Milk ChocolateFresh Raspberries/Lemon (like lemon meringue pie filling)
Red VelvetFresh Strawberries
StrawberryFresh Strawberries/Bavarian Cream
German Chocolate
Lemon (similar to lemon meringue pie filling)
Mousse - Chocolate
Mousse - Chocolate Peanut Butter
Mousse – Raspberry
Mousse - Strawberry
Mousse - Vanilla
Raspberry (filling is similar to a jelly filled donut)
Raspberry/Cream Cheese
Strawberry (filling is similar to a jelly filled donut)
Strawberry/Cream Cheese
White Chocolate Ganache’ (as a filling or drizzle only)